Annual Water Use Efficiency Performance Report Form

  • General System Information

    System Name: Parkland Light & Water Company
    System ID #: 66200
    County: Pierce
    Your Name: Susan Cutrell
    Your Title: General Manager
    Your email address:
    Your Phone Number: (253) 531-5666
    Today's Date:6-18-2016
  • Production, Authorized Consumption, and Distribution System Leakage Information:

    12-Month WUE Reporting Period:
    1 /01/ 2015 to 12 /31/ 2015 (Month/Year)
  • Incomplete or missing data for theyear? No
  • If yes, explain:

    Distribution System Leakage Summary
    Total Water Produced and Purchased (TP)- Annual Volume 1,146,474,560 gallons
    Authorized Consumption (AC) - Annual Volume 1,066,879,132 gallons
    Distribution System Leakage - Annual Volume TP - AC 79,595,428 gallons
    Distribution System Leakage - Percent DSL = [(TP-AC) / TP] X 100 6.9%
    3-year annual average 11.6%
  • Goal Setting Information:

    Date of Public Forum: 1/17/2013 Has goal been changed since last performance report? ()Yes     (X) No
  • Note: Goals must be re-established every 6 years through a public process.

    WUE Goals:
  • Customer Goal (Demand Side):
    • Our goal through conservation measures is to limit previous 1% growth, over a rolling six year period as a measure of units of water per meter (previously 199 units per meter) to a 0.5% growth in sales to a six year rolling average of 198 units per meter in spite of a 1% growth in the number of meters.
    Describe Progress in Reaching Goals:
  • Customer (Demand Side) Goal Progress:
    • Using inverted block rates, distributing water sprinkler gauges, conservation education through 'Word About Water' pages in Ruralite magazine, and distributing toilet leak detection kits, Parkland Light and Water Co. experience a drop to 160.41 units per year per meter well below our target of 198 units per meter as set in our demand side plan. This figure represents a savings of 214 million gallions for this system below our targeted amount of over the six year period.
  • Additional Information Regarding Supply and Demand Side WUE Efforts
  • Include any other information that describes how you and your customers use water efficiently:
    • The average water loss for 2015 was 6.94%, this reaches our goal to reduce our annual yearly average water loss to less than 10%, and additional goal is to achieve a 3 year average of less than 10%. In 2016 we received leak detection units, hired USA Utility Services to pin-point leaks for in-house repair